Friday, July 29, 2011

untuk apa???

I will go mad if I continue to think about ..
of dried liver to me ..
I do not take the groan ..
That is why I am ..
people compare me with my future sister-in-law and beautiful ..
I do not ambik groan ..
because I know myself ..
mouth, I sometimes talk too much ..
angry person ... I do not think it ...

But do not force me ..
I was not pretty, cute, lawa, or hard ..
I was not wearing anything ..
I know .. I learned even less ..
Do not say things I do not like. ..
Work At Home?
Do not force me ..
belasah I want to curse me anything ..
I do not what else ...
But, do these things ... I do not like ...

I feel like cry there ..
I've got to run away ...
I never thought ..

I want to stand on my own ..
I do not expect any of those already ..
Do not force me ...

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